Our range of Transverse A Series engines.

Our range of engines is suitable for Classic Mini, Metro and all front wheel drive A Series applications. For kit cars please contact us before hand with your requirements.

Our engines are built up to the highest standards, using all new replacement parts, all reconditioned parts are selected/inspected, chemically cleaned, re-inspected and manually finished before use. New parts are used throughout and checked in the same manner. We only ever build to exacting standards.

All engines are usually built for road use unless specified other wise, as such a sensible performance camshaft with power from 1800 rpm to 6000rpm is utilised.

All of our A series engines are rebuilt and fully reconditioned to the highest standards using good quality brand named parts.

What we offer:

998, 1071, 1098 and 1275cc Transverse A Series Engines.

  • ​Reconditioned (remanufactured) to better-than-new standards.

  • Sports - Our sports range offers a fully balanced bottom end with our preferred camshaft for active sports performance in the chosen engine cc. Duplex timing, all new internals. Fully reconditioned cylinder head, CC checked to compliment the package, with double valve springs and 1.3 ratio forged rockers.

  • Road Sports - Building on the strong foundations of the Sports package. Fully balanced bottom end including a New Clutch and Flywheel. Fully dialed in timing with Vernier duplex system. Full Stage 3 Cylinder head CC checked to give optimum Road Sports performance. (see specification here...) a great punchy fast road engine.

  • Super Sports - Taking the Road Sport package to the next level. Fully balanced and lightened bottom end. Dialed in timing with Vernier Duplex timing system. Full Super Sport Cylinder Head CC checked for ultimate performance (see specification here...) and our ultimate fast road camshaft.

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