[A Series] Timing Cover Kit - RetroSport - Front Access Plate & Breather


RetroSport alloy billet timing cover kit, with front access plate & cleanable breather canister.

The front access plate allows adjustment of Vernier timing gears by simply removing the three screws on the plate, meaning no need to remove the engine!

Perfect for use with large bore higher capacity engines that make use of Vernier timing gears.

This kit is a replacement for the standard pressed steel item which is prone to leaks, our kit completely removes this problem.

Compatible with simplex and duplex chains. Can be used with or without the A+ style tensioner. Also tested with various Vernier kits.

Package includes required fixings, gaskets, lock tabs and seals for fitment.

Weight: 1395g
Weight includes all fixings as shown (no tools or packaging.)


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