MCCS A Series Camshaft Regrind - Piper 285

MCCS A Series Camshaft Regrind - Piper 285


The Piper 285 is one of our favourite camshafts for true fast road use in the larger capacity A Series Engines. We use these in all of our Sports Road 1293 and 1330 builds. Incredible pull, lumpy tickover but instant throttle response. 

  • Material Guide

    This means that the camshaft has been turned from a round steel bar and will normally be nitrided after grinding.
    We use this method for low volume production and, due to the work involved, they are always more expensive than cast blanks.

    All Billet BMC A Series Cams are supplied cross drilled with Oil feed through the Lobes

    A regrind on an existing camshaft. ALLOYED STEELS – EN351 AISI 8620 and EN34 etc Used by British Leyland in the A Series and B Series engine and best when run against a chilled cam follower.


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