MCCS-SBSS Cylinder Head, Small-Bore 998/1098 Super-Sport/Track/Competition

MCCS-SBSS Cylinder Head, Small-Bore 998/1098 Super-Sport/Track/Competition


This cylinder head has been developed for getting serious power out of the small bore units. Capable of joining the 100BHP club this head is as serious as it gets. Developed for hill-climbs / track use. Capable of withstanding sustaiined high revvs of upto 7500RPM.


Surcharge for casting if not supplied - £85.00 + VAT

  • Specifications for MCCS-SBRS

    MCCS-SBSS is for Compeition and Track use. 

    Optimised BHP and torque out-put through port shape and dimensions and valve throat shapes developed on airflow bench and dyno/rolling roads.

    • Inlet Valves: 30.93mm EN214N plasma-nitrided
    • Exhaust Valves: 26.5mm, EN214N plasma-nitrided
    • Guides: Manganese bronze
    • Stem Seals: A+ sprung on 4
    • Valve Springs: 180lb nominal dual coil, shimmed to correct fitted length. Maximum continual peak rpm limit of 7,500rpm and 0.475" actual valve lift
    • Top Caps: Standard
    • Collets: Standard triple groove
    • Approx 23.5cc combustion chambers.

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